Nathan Hadley

Seattle, WA

With a background and degree in ecology, my photography is influenced by ideas of relationship and connectedness. I want my photography to serve the purposes of conservation. This is my first and primary goal. Second to this, I want to encourage and inspire a love for this world lived out though non-motorized play (climbing, skiing, hiking, and camping) and work (farming, gardening, restoration/conservation, and research). My last goal is to help businesses sell products that enable this work and play. I have no desire to support the sale of unnecessary, wasteful products, whose short and vain lifetime leads quickly to the landfill. As a visual perfectionist, my overarching goal is to create beautiful images that stand on their own. I love to work with others who value a life of simplicity, presence, and gratefulness, and would be pleased to get in touch with you.

I am a contributor to the stock agency, Tandem Stills + Motion, one of the leading image providers in genres of nature, travel, culture, adventure, and active lifestyle. Click here to view my page on their site.



(317) 755-7000